Our Team

We're a group of empathic

CEO & Co-Founder

Aman Advani

President & Co-Founder

Gihan Amarasiriwardena

Director of Customer

Timothy Anaya

Director of Product Dev

Sherri Brendenberg

New York City GM

Aaron Barrera

Boston GM

Lawrence Barry

Chicago GM

Cade Crandall

Master of Images

Brian Hammonds

VP of Operations

Brian Kennedy

Santa Monica GM

Audra Loera

Customer Experience Concierge

Tiffani Louie

Design Director

Jarlath Mellet

Barcode-Printer in Chief

Nicole Mazzola

San Francisco GM

Alina Musgrave

Washington DC GM

Jeremy Muñoz

Production Manager

Sally Schultz

Ghost Whisperer

Corinne Vien

VP of Dumplings

Dan Weisman

Supply Chain Analyst

Tessa Whitley