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What if the innovation was actually focused on making the experience of wearing the product better? Ministry of Supply was founded in 2012 to answer this question. We believe that clothing is both an expression of our identity and ideas, and an extension of the body, where form and function intersect. Our mission is to design and construct garments true to the form of the body, so we can unlock the body’s innate potential, leaving one truly unrestricted to focus on their daily pursuits.
We are striving to achieve this through an iterative design process that combines a deep understanding of the human body with advanced materials and manufacturing processes. Our human-centric approach has helped us unearth basic truths that govern how we can make the body more comfortable in clothing through research like pressure mapping to understand the ideal location of cushioning, thermography to locate hot spots, and strain analysis to understand the dynamics of how our skin stretches. This has allowed us to create products that outperform their traditional contemporaries.
Our goal through it all is this perfect union between clothing and the human body, so to the wearer, the two feel almost indistinguishable.

We are trying to solve everyday
problems with clothing.

Who we are



Spending every week of 6 years on the road as a management consultant, Aman got to know the shortcomings of menswear better than any guy should ever have to. An engineer by training, Aman is a graduate of Georgia Tech and holds half an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.


Chief Design Officer

As a world-class distance runner who just also happens to be an MIT-trained chemical engineer, Gihan knew there had to be a better way to make everyday clothing. So he approached the problem as he would any other – with science.


Chief Retail Officer

An investment banker by trade and outdoorsman by passion, Kit was tired of trading her capable activewear for stiff suiting every Monday. She’s a graduate of Colby College and holds half an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.


Design Director

Former Director of Design at brands like Theory and Brooks Brothers, Jarlath ensures that our products are more than just technologically innovative garments – they’re essential pieces you can blend into your wardrobe effortlessly.

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