Radically engineered dress clothes.


We started by re-thinking the dress shirt.

We realized clothing could be better–more comfortable, easier to take care of, and great looking–so we went to work at the British Sports Techonology Institute to study how movement and temperature changes strained clothing and what science could do to improve it. We use this research to invent something new: performance dress clothes.



Advanced construction meets innovative materials.

We begin each piece by developing fabric and construction that solves fundamental problems like sweat stains and wrinkles. For the Apollo, we infused temperature-regulating Phase Change Material into a synthetic fiber, which we then knit into a fabric that stretches and breathes 19x better than traditional woven cotton, keeping you cool and dry.



Designed around you. Tested in the field.

We produce dozens of prototypes for every garment. Then, we talk with field testers and customers to get as much feedback as possible. Those conversations inform the next generation, so we're constantly evolving clothes that solve the problems you encounter in the real world.

Meet The Founders

Meet the Founders

Born from action, and the halls of MIT

Think of us as the Q to your James Bond. After hacking stealthy performance clothing independently for years, our team of engineers, athletes, and designers came together in 2011 in the halls of MIT. While the institution is not known for producing fashion companies, its fundamental approach to solving problems gave us the tools to invent new clothing technology.

Our Namesake

Why Ministry of Supply?

We're inspired by Q from James Bond. He's based on a real person, Charles Fraser-Smith, who designed gadgetry and clothing for the British Special Ops. His cover is our namesake: the Ministry of Supply.



Building amazing products with amazing partners.

We believe in making the best products and experiences by building a global team of thoughtful an creative experts who share our mission, vision, and values. This ethos means we work with factories that develop cutting edge production techniques while maintaining top-rated working conditions. It also means keeping an eye on sustainability and improving the world around us.