The Inventors: FYT Jeans

December 23rd, 2015


Any good inventor knows that, in order to solve a problem most effectively, they must clearly articulate it first. For Miguel Carvalho and Elazer Edelman, that problem couldn’t have been clearer.

Jeans – a staple garment, especially as workplace dress codes skew more casual – aren’t designed for sitting. Traditional jeans are built using measurements taken from a static, standing position, but when we sit (and many of us sit almost 8 hours a day), measurements change. Your waist and crotch alter, and your knees are bent. “We spend very little time in a standing, static position”, Miguel points out. “If pants fit well when you’re standing, it’s impossible that they’ll fit well while you’re sitting. We need a garment that adapts to the changes of the body.”

So Miguel and Elazer – both accomplished engineers (textile and biomedical, respectively) who met as professors at MIT – set out to develop a pair of jeans that accommodated for sitting as easily as they did standing, without looking any different from regular jeans. And thus FYT Jeans was born.

They started by considering what they’d learned from engineering pants for wheelchair users, intended solely for sitting. Bent knees can restrict circulation, meaning reducing pressure and constriction at the joint is key. And complications like pressure ulcers can occur if pants are too tight in certain areas for extended periods of time. So Miguel and Elazer honed in on the knees, waist, and rear, redesigning each area for maximum comfort and health while sitting. And they were successful – at creating a pant for sitting. The pants they’d been making for wheelchair users weren’t intended for standing and moving. So if a wearer did stand, their pants bunched and didn’t look like traditional jeans. The shape didn't adapt.

Therefore, Miguel and Elazer’s challenge was creating a pant that could dynamically adapt to both sitting and standing positions, while still maintaining a classic aesthetic.


They used sensors to measure compression forces, temperature, and humidity (or where sweat accumulates) in critical parts of the body, and built several prototypes for testing against standard jeans. Their prototypes were tested by programmers and other computer professionals who sat at least eight hours a day, and improved upon until the experience was just right.

The outcome? A dynamic jean that adapts to shifting measurements at the knee, waist, and crotch. And made of premium denim (the same that the world’s most established brands use), they look no different from classic jeans.



Discrete elasticized vents at the waistband relieves constriction while you sit, and then retains a secure fit when you stand.


Special seams at knee relieve leg pressure by 70% and reduce temperature and humidity to prevent sweat build-up. Excess fabric was also removed, so the knees don't puff out when you standing.


A concealed zipper across the back yoke releases tension as you sit (with a pressure reduction of up to 55%) and provides needed space in the crotch.


Together, the pieces function as a cooperative system engineered for comfort as your body shifts. Visit FYT’s Kickstarter campaign – running through January 4, 2016 – to learn more about how you can help support further development. Want a pair for yourself? The company is willing to produce various adaptations of the design, combining capabilities as you need them. Contact Miguel or Elazer to learn more.